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The Social Amelioration Program (SAP)


The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) was created in 1974 by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 621providing for a mandatory payment of a Stabilization Fee of P1.00 per picul, which was later increased to P2.00 per picul pursuant to PD1209. It is implemented under Republic Act Nos. 809 and 6982.


Republic Act No. 809 (RA 809), otherwise known as the Sugar Act of 1952 is an act to regulate the relations among persons engaged in the sugar industry. It provides that proceeds of any increase in the milling participation granted to planters and above their present share shall be divided between the planters and their laborers/workers in the plantation. The distribution of the workers’ share shall be made under the supervision of the Department of Labor. RA 809 covered only three milling districts (a) Binalbagan-Isabela Sugar Company (BISCOM), (b) Southern Negros Occidental Development Corporation (SONEDCO) and (c) San Carlos Milling Company.


The SAP was further strengthened by the passage of the Sugar Amelioration Act of 1991(RA 6982) with the provision of additional monetary and welfare benefits for sugar workers and with the institutionalization of a tripartite approach in policy formulation and program development and implementation. Section 7 of RA 6982 provides that effective crop year 1991-1992, a lien of P5.00 per picul of sugar shall be imposed on the gross production of sugar provided that there shall be an automatic additional lien of P1.00 for every two years for the succeeding ten years from the effectivity of this Act.


Also, under RA 6982, the National Tripartite Council also referred to as the Sugar Tripartite Council (STC) was created as the advisory body of the Department of Labor and Employment as regards the effective implementation of the social and economic programs for the workers in the sugar industry. The STC consists of ten members composed of the Secretary of Labor and Employment or his authorized representative as ex-officio Chairman; one representative from the Sugar Regulatory Administration; and two representatives each from planters sector, millers sector, mill workers sector and field workers sector, as members.


From crop year 2001-2002 to 2005-2006, the sugar lien under RA 6982 was P10.00 per picul and was allocated as follows:


Allocation of Sugar Lien of P10.00 per Picul



Cash Bonus Fund


Socio-Economic Program Related Funds (SEPRF)


   Sugar Workers Maternity Benefit Fund (SWMBF)


   Sugar Workers Death Benefit Fund (SWDBF)


   Socio-Economic Project Fund (SEPF)


   Administrative Expense Fund (AEF)




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