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DOLE-RCC’s Search for Outstanding Workers/Employees in Private Sector is On

The search is on for Outstanding Workers/Employees in the Private Sector, a project of the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) composed of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) family of agencies as well as other partner-organizations, according to RCC Chairman and DOLE 6 Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena.

Jalbuena said this search, which is on its second year, aimed to recognize the outstanding performance and significant contributions of workers/employees in their companies.

The search is open to all Filipino citizens who are rank and file workers/employees in the private companies/establishments duly registered under the Philippine Laws in Western Visayas and compliant on General Labor Standards (GLS) and other DOLE regulatory requirements.

To qualify, the workers/employees shall be endorsed or nominated by their peer or group, or by a non-government organization assisting the labor group, or by any reputable organization, or by their company/establishment provided said company is compliant on GLS and other DOLE regulatory requirements.

The nominee must be presently employed in the company/establishment for at least three years; with exemplary work performance proven by their performance rating; promote good labor and management relations; with good moral character and leadership skills; and, the company that employs him/her is compliant on both GLS and Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

Jalbuena said that there will be four winners to be declared, one for each category namely: Micro Business Enterprise; Small Scale Business Enterprise, Medium Scale Business Enterprise; and Large Scale Business Enterprise.

Under the Micro Business Enterprise are those companies with capitalization of P3-million and below while those belonging to Small Scale Business Enterprise have capitalization of more than P3-million. Under the Medium Scale Business Enterprise are those companies with capitalization of over P15-million while those belonging to Large Scale Business Enterprise have capitalization of over P100-million.

The nominees will be judged based on their performance (30%), Leadership (25%), Productivity and Innovation (25%), and Behavioral Performance and Character (20%). In case of tie, their social responsibility and involvement in the community will be considered.

He emphasized that there is no limit on the number of nominees per company as long as they meet the qualifications.

Last day of submission of entries will be on April 15, 2017 while the awarding of winners will be on May 1, 2017 during the Labor Day celebration.

Other DOLE-RCC’s partners in this undertaking are the Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dir. Caňete
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