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From GIP Intern to SAP Officer; A Journey Inspired by a Dream


“I dream of helping my parents and my siblings, of travelling to places, of building my own house, and of showcasing my love for music around the world. Then, I thought, I need to work hard to realize them”, said Elziakim B. Pegar.


Elziakim B. Pegar or “Kim” as his nickname, is the eldest among the four children in his family. In 2018, he graduated and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information System at Carlos Hilado Memorial State College.


Driven by his dream, Pegar was so enthusiastic to have a job immediately after graduation, and the opportunity to work in the government through the Government Internship Program (GIP) was of perfect timing.


He was first assigned at the DOLE Negros Occidental Field Office as a GIP Intern, assisting in the implementation of the Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD) for three (3) months starting August to November 2018.


“I was the one encoding the list of beneficiaries in the TUPAD database. Then later on, I was astonished when I was tasked to interact with and answer inquiries from clients. It was intimidating at first, but it became a learning process and experience for me”, said Pegar, as he talked about his journey as a GIP Intern.


With the exceptional work ethic Pegar exhibited during his entire engagement period as a GIP Intern, he was then sought to vie for the available position of IT Support Specialist under the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), and was hired on March 25, 2019.


“Kim works with initiative. He knows what he can do, is able to do and cannot do. He asks when he doesn’t know, and still asks for approval after he’s done with his work. The Office needs this kind of people”, said Ma. Victoria Diwata Borines, DOLE-NOFO’s focal person for TUPAD, when asked if what kind of intern Pegar was.


After being absorbed as an outsourced personnel under the SAP, Pegar was then assigned to handle the Hawaiian Philippine Company (HPCo) Milling District.


“Being a SAP Officer taught me how to handle things smoothly despite the pressure. You have to meet your deadlines amidst hustling with a multitude of clients’ concerns,” said Pegar.


Elziakim B. Pegar is the current SAP Officer who handles the Hawaiian Philippine Company (HPCo) Milling District.


Pegar considered his work as a SAP Officer, a roller coaster ride. For almost a year of working under the program, Pegar still feels anxious and concerned about his performance.


“I still feel nervous whenever I present my quarterly report on the SAP implementation every District Tripartite Council (DTC) Meeting of HPCo Milling District. Just thinking that I will be presenting in the presence of the Regional Director and all of the DTC sectorial representatives, always gives me jitters”, Pegar said as he identifies the most challenging part in being a SAP Officer.


“However, I feel satisfied every time I get to address the concerns of clients, especially when I can answer clearly their inquiries regarding their application for Maternity and Death Benefit Claims. With this, I can say that I have done my part well”, said Pegar.


Pegar’s simple dream of helping his family in terms of financial provisions, in sending his siblings to school, and building a new house for them, brought him to be in the Department today. He has already conditioned himself that his dream of travelling to places, gathering people with the same affection as his in music, and showing off to the world the Filipinos’ love for singing, might be put on hold. His family is his first priority.


When asked about what he can say to his fellow youth who are still unemployed, Pegar’s message is “to get up”.


“Always start your day with a prayer. Do not lose your trust on Him. Return the hardships your parents have gone through just to give you a proper education. Never be lazy, for laziness can turn into untoward consequences”, Pegar added.


Pegar embraces life with faith and determination; a rare mentality for a millennial, at 21 years old.

Dir. Cyril L. Ticao
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