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DOLE 6 SAP Officer marks 30 years in sugar amelioration


“30 years seemed too fast!”


Exclaimed Jocelyn C. Diopenes, “Toto” as she is called by all. Diopenes has been in the Department of Labor and Employment - Negros Occidental Field Office, specifically in the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), since June of 1989. She has been labeled as the “Diwata ng SAP” for she can always provide answers to almost all concerns pertaining to the program.


“I started to work in the Department when I was 22 years old. I was assigned in several units such as in the accounting, and at the cashier. Then, 7 years later, I was transferred to SAP, and the rest is history”, said Diopenes.


Story as a SAP Implementer



Diopenes first handled the Lopez Sugar Milling District for 5 years. As the SAP continues to gain wider scope, program personnel also began to increase thus, subjecting Diopenes to be assigned to other Mill Districts such as the Ma-ao Sugar Central, Central Azucarera de La Carlota, Inc. (CACI), Bacolod-Murcia Milling Company, and Victorias Milling Company (VMC). The VMC has been handled by Diopenes since 2008 to present.


“Back in the days, we used to consolidate and make reports using calculators and write the data on the prescribed reporting form. Unlike today, everything can be done using a computer, and be printed out immediately”, Diopenes said when asked the difference of SAP operations between then and now.


Despite the weight of work, and the status of employment she has with the Department (a contractual worker since 1982, and outsourced personnel starting 2013), Diopenes never thought of leaving the work she had come to love.


The Challenging Part


“Whenever I do the quarterly report for the SAP implementation, I feel loaded. I consolidate all data given by my fellow SAP Officers, and the final output is the one we are submitting to the Commission on Audit. That puts a lot of pressure on my part”, said Diopenes as she tells what she finds the most challenging in being a Senior SAP Officer.


The Fulfilling Part


When asked about the most fulfilling part, Diopenes gains joy in accomplishing even the small tasks and routines expected of her to carry out every day.


“I get pleasure whenever I perform my work right and on time. By consistently doing so, I know I have contributed to the Office’s performance”, Diopenes happily answered.


Story as a Colleague


Further, Diopenes, for her colleagues, is a senior co-worker, and at the same time, a family member – a mother and a sister at that. She does not only attend to office-related concerns, but to personal ones as well, especially if the same subjects her co-SAP Officers.


“She is like a mother and a friend to me. I can share anything to her, even my personal problems. She has the best listening skills and most empathizing heart”, said Shyra Nhice Kwan – Salinas, fellow SAP Officer of Diopenes.


Her Legacy


On what legacy she could leave to her co-workers, Diopenes said, “I want the later generations to uphold the work ethic of investing a portion of their time in focusing and analyzing their reports, their work. Through that, they will come to embrace the program whole-heartedly, and will later on result to loving their work amidst despites and in spites of”.


Her Dreams


Diopenes wishes to witness the digitalization of SAP operation before she retires – an action she counts on with the Office to make a leap of faith.


“I want to leave the Department with a happy heart. And I believe I will”, said Diopenes.



















Dir. Cyril L. Ticao
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