For the residents of Barangay Bari, Sibalom, Antique, pot making is an art that delights them, a source of living that sustains them from time immemorial and an enduring “passion” that was handed down from their ancestors.

 A potters or “maninihon” in local term, would collect clay from the fields near Sibalom River, knead it and mold it at home using the “potters” wheel and other traditional equipment.
 However, their ageing old-style equipment was not as effective as it were before, thus, the number of production dwindled and the income was affected. The traditional way of pottery making is laborious and time consuming yet the product could hardly compete in the national market.

To keep the potter’s wheel turning, DOLE RO 6 through its Antique Field Office provided a Four Hundred Ninety-Eight Thousand Five Hundred Forty-Four pesos (P498,544.00) financial assistance to twenty-six (26) “maninihons” to purchase 1-unit kneader, 26 pieces banding wheels and 1 bag of plaster of paris.

The assistance will complement the existing kiln and other machineries in the University of Antique (UA) which is the accredited co-partner of the project and the home of the pot makers’ association.

Atty. Sixto T. Rodriguez Jr., DOLE RO6 Regional Director, said that the provision of additional tools, equipment and materials will inspire the potters and improve their production. He is optimistic that the assistance would raise the potters’ morale and motivate them to produce quality and marketable products for higher income.

Dr. Pablo S. Crespo, Jr., President of the University of Antique and Mr. Nilo Gantos, President of Bari Potters Association, expressed their appreciation to DOLE for the financial assistance.

With updated and efficient facility, potters can now produce quality kalan/ uringan (stove), banga (jar), flower pots, kuron (clay cooking pots) and other clay wares in varied sizes, textures and designs as compared to clay products used by traditional potters using smoke/open firing technique.

With the support from DOLE, UA, local government units, local legislators and the community the improvement of pottery will help boost local tourism and a dynamic trade of ceramics in the province looms.

By enhancing their pottery making project, the potters can continually improve and level up their production – from using terracota clay to stoneware to porcelain in the years to come.

Ms. Cecilia S. Acebuque, OIC-Head of Antique Field Office, challenged the beneficiaries to work together to sustain the project, make it grow and generate additional income for them and their respective families.

Through its Integrated Livelihood Program, DOLE is helping turn the potters’ wheel and molds the clay into a decent and more productive source of income for its recipients.